Great teams are those that have high levels of communication, consistency, and trust. They are the teams that care about the people on their left and their right. They do what they do because they believe in what they do. They want to help other people. For them it is about ‘We’ not ‘Me’. We encourage you to share and interact with this community of people that believes in that same thing. And please have fun - it makes things better.


Be Nice: Teams are comprised of many different people from many different cultures and beliefs. Always be respectful and polite when interacting with other members of the community. 
Share: You and your team do so much. Share that with everyone. Share what happens in your organization and your community. If it is happening, and others would benefit from knowing about it, please share. And when others share take the time to comment, like, and further share their stories.
Be Authentic: Share real stories. Just be real. There is enough fake in the world already.


Be A Jerk: Don’t be mean. Attack problems. Not people. Your boss may not be ready to stand up against jerks but we sure will.
Steal: Only share what is yours or that your friends have given you permission to share. Quill is not a place where posting a photo of some exotic location and claiming it as your own wins you any friends.
Forget the Kindergartener: If it should be kept from the eyes of a kindergartener then it should be kept from this community. No nudity. No violence. No profanity. No exceptions.


Helping is better than hurting. If you chose to do things that we feel hurts others we will remove you from our community. We are the final judge as to who can be a part of this movement.

Quill exists to so teams can share communication, culture, and knowledge. It is a place where sharing stories that affect your team and community, without fear, wins the day. It is designed to be a tool and resource for teams that care deeply about leaving people better than they found them. Everyone deserves a great place to work where they can be challenged, loved, grow, be happy, and find more freedom for themselves and their families. Let’s help them with that.

Join us. -The Quill Project


Last updated 7/30/2016