A Private Feed Where Teams Gather

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Quill is a private mobile feed where teams gather.

Why? Because, connected teams stay together longer, get more done, do better work and enjoy it all the more.

Care about culture? Start your mobile first, photo and chat Quill today. Join the project to connect and empower your whole team.

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Include Connection In Your Leadership Day



Your team. Your information.
No ads.



No email? Don’t know their mobile?
No problem. Secure & Fast.



Photos and video makes story telling and connection easy. Understand people and their day.


Mobile First

Designed to be easy for everyone, especially for those without email, to be and feel connected.


Connect your team members with or without email addresses.

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For leaders serious about culture.


Connection brings growth for non-profit work and we are delighted to support non-profit efforts with Pro Accounts for free after application and selection. Download.

Small Teams

Teams under 9 members are Free. Really. Download.

Quill Culture Pro

Leaders of larger teams leveraging the power of connection for good enjoy advanced features and support. Go Pro.