The hardest part of running an organization is the people. Each one of them has unique strengths, beliefs, hopes, struggles, and dreams.  Bringing a diverse group of people together to focus on what is important is the fundamental job of the leader.

An organization’s health is the sum of many relationships between those individual people and teams.  At the core of this problem is the ability of people (and teams) to connect with each other and realize that there is a human across from them. Someone, like them, who cares about their work, their family, and their future.  The quality of those relationships depends on the connection, understanding, compassion, support, and trust between people.

We have spent our careers running organizations of all types. Whether venture-backed startups, educational institutions, guerrilla forces fighting terrorists (no, really), or multi-billion-dollar companies the same problems exist. We have experienced it first-hand:

“How do you connect people so that they can be their most creative, engaged, and productive?”

Our experience and research have proven that teams that are socially connected are the most effective. Those teams understand each other and have a deep desire to ensure that their teammates, and the mission, succeed. This happens in a fear-free environment where respect and honesty are priorities.

Let us be clear, technology will not solve the entire problem. People need to talk. They need to disagree. They need to listen. They need to be honest. They need to care. We know there is room for a unique tool in every team that provides a bit more color and improves communication. We have proven, that when backed by leadership that sincerely cares about a healthy culture, technology can connect teams in ways never before possible.

Quill is a private, mobile, application where teams share the most important parts of their day. Whether at work or at home, you see what is happening with the humans. Where you can reach anyone in the organization and stay connected (even if they don’t have email). Quill was founded on the belief that everyone matters, and everyone should have a voice. To do that, organizations needed a way to connect those that wouldn’t usually be connected.

If you are a Leader that uses Quill:

  • You believe people are the most important part of your organization.

  • You are a People First organization. People matter, not titles.

  • You care about creating a fear-free and healthy culture.

  • You know that healthy relationships create healthy organizations.

  • You know that communication is critical…and it’s very hard.

  • You care about the opinions of your team because we always make better together.

  • You want to be able to talk to everyone, even those that don’t work with you every day.

  • You want to be accessible to anyone, even those without email or not in the office.

  • You know that leaders don’t have all of the answers, but they are responsible for all of the decisions.

  • You want to understand what is happening and how you can help.

If you care about culture and connecting your team, we encourage you to implement technology that gives your team a way to come together.  We have tried other options, like intranets, but never found the right solution. So, we have spent the last 5 years building and refining The Quill Project.  

Work Better Connected